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Title: After The Wind: Tragedy on Everest - One Survivor's Story, Author: Lou Kasischke
Title: EU Constitutional Law: An Introduction (Third Edition), Author: Allan Rosas
Title: What About Law?: Studying Law at University, Author: Catherine Barnard
Title: Justice and Authority in Immigration Law, Author: Colin Grey
Title: The International Law of the Sea: Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Donald R. Rothwell
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Title: Bewigged and Bewildered?: A Guide to Becoming a Barrister in England and Wales, Author: Adam Kramer
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Title: The Constitution of Ireland: A Contextual Analysis, Author: Oran Doyle
Title: Law, Policy and the Internet, Author: Lilian Edwards
Title: The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis, Author: Peter Leyland
Title: Human Rights and Religion - The Islamic Headscarf Debate in Europe, Author: Dominic McGoldrick
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Title: International Law: A Critical Introduction, Author: Wade Mansell
Title: Copyright Beyond Law: Regulating Creativity in the Graffiti Subculture, Author: Marta Iljadica
Title: Landmark Cases in the Law of Restitution, Author: Charles Mitchell
Title: The Harmonisation of European Contract Law: Implications for European Private Laws, Business and Legal Practice, Author: Stefan Vogenauer
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Title: Women, Crime and Social Harm: Towards a Criminology for the Global Age, Author: Maureen Cain
Title: Victims Rights, Human Rights and Criminal Justice: Reconceiving the Role of Third Parties, Author: Jonathan Doak
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Title: Unjust Enrichment in South African Law: Rethinking Enrichment by Transfer, Author: Helen Scott
Title: The Constitution of Finland, Author: Jaakko Husa
Title: Precarious Work, Women and the New Economy: The Challenge to Legal Norms, Author: Judy Fudge
Title: An Introduction to the International Law of Armed Conflicts, Author: Robert Kolb

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