Title: Anomie, Author: Jeffrey Lockwood
Title: Tricks Every Boy Can Do, Author: Paul Buchanan
Title: The Circle, Author: Patrick ten Brink
Title: That One Cigarette, Author: Stu Krieger
Title: Tuck-a-tuck Dragon, Author: JL Morin
Title: Loveoid, Author: JL Morin
Title: Krakow, Author: Sean Akerman
Title: Never Summer: A Samurai Western, Author: Tim Blaine
Title: Handbook for Literary Analysis Book I: How to Evaluate Prose Fiction, Drama, and Poetry, Author: James P. Stobaugh
Title: Tears Before Exaltation, Author: Fidelis  O. Mkparu
Title: Love and Famine, Author: Han-ping Chin
Title: Nature's Confession, Author: JL Morin
Title: How Fast Can You Run, Author: Harriet Levin Millan
Title: Invictus, Author: LL Holt
Title: Spiders and Flies, Author: Scott Adlerberg
Title: Dark Lady of Hollywood, Author: Diane Haithman
Title: The Chinese Woman from the Painting, Author: Florence Tholozan
Title: People and Peppers, A Romance, Author: Kelvin Christopher James
Title: The Heir of the Thunderbird, Author: May-Britt Brændstrup
Title: Transoceanic Lights, Author: S. Li

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