Title: The Diary Of Anais Nin Volume 6 1955-1966: Vol. 6 (1955-1966), Author: Anaïs Nin
Title: The Origins Of Totalitarianism, Author: Hannah Arendt
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Title: From the Diary of a Snail, Author: Günter Grass
Title: In the Egg and Other Poems, Author: Günter Grass
Title: My World-And Welcome To It, Author: James Thurber
Title: The Inheritors, Author: William Golding
Title: Pyramid, Author: Pincher Martin
Title: The Highwaymen: Updated and Expanded / Edition 1, Author: Ken Auletta
Title: I'm Not Stiller, Author: Max Frisch
Title: White Dawn: An Eskimo Sage: An Eskimo Saga, Author: James A. Houston
Title: The Millstone, Author: Margaret Drabble
Title: A Story like the Wind, Author: Laurens van der Post
Title: Homo Faber, Author: Max Frisch
Title: Journey Not The Arrival Matters: An Autobiography Of The Years 1939 To 1969, Author: Leonard Woolf
Title: On Violence, Author: Hannah Arendt
Title: Banjo, Author: Claude McKay
Title: Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery, Author: Richard Selzer
Title: The Wide Net and Other Stories, Author: Eudora Welty
Title: My Vast Fortune: An Investor's Fiscal Triumphs and Money Misadventures, Author: Andrew Tobias
Title: Looking For My Country: Finding Myself in America, Author: Robert MacNeil

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