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Title: Chariots of Fire
Title: Farewell to the King
Title: Rolling Stones on Air in the Sixties: TV and Radio History As It Happened, Author: Richard Havers
Title: Classic Aircraft: Civilian Aviation from 1906 Until the Present Day, Author: Richard Havers
Title: Marilyn: In Words and Pictures, Author: Richard Evans
Title: Lincoln & The Politics, Author: Grant N. Havers
Title: The Beatles: The Days of Their Lives, Author: Richard Havers
Title: The Second World War, Vol. 2: Europe 1939-1943 / Edition 1, Author: Robin Havers
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Title: The Social Context of Medical Research, Author: Henry Wechsler
Title: Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way, Author: Steven Havers
Title: Please Buy This Book: Gift Books For Good Causes 1898 - 1945, Author: James Havers
Title: Verve: The Sound of America, Author: Richard Havers
Title: Sleepers
Title: When Britain Went to War: The Real Life Story of Life on the Home Front, Author: Richard Havers
Title: The Whistle Blower
Title: Marilyn, Author: Richard Evans
Title: A Little Princess
Title: The Stones in the Park: The Summer of '69 and the Making of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. Richard Havers, Author: Richard Havers
Title: Gay and the Ponies, Author: Elinore Havers
Title: Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique, Author: Grant N. Havers

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