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Title: Against the Wall: My Journey from Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist, Author: Jenn Budd
Title: And You May Find Yourself..., Author: Sari Botton
Title: The Doctor Broad: A Mafia Love Story, Author: Barbara H. Roberts
Title: The Doctor Broad, Author: Barbara H. Roberts
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Title: The End of Her: Racing Against Alzheimer's to Solve a Murder, Author: Wayne Hoffman
Title: The End of Her, Author: Wayne Hoffman
Title: Searching for Harry Chapin's America: Remember When the Music, Author: Pat Fenton
Title: The Sharp Edge of Mercy, Author: Connie Hertzberg Mayo
Title: Passport to Paris, Author: Glynne Hiller
Title: Eating Again: The Recipes That Healed Me, Author: Alice Carbone Tench
Title: Not about Madonna: My Little Pre-Icon Roommate and Other Memoirs, Author: Whit Hill
Title: Looking for a Kiss, Author: Kate Walter
Title: Once, Upon an Island, Author: Laury A. Egan
Title: That Lonely Spell, Author: Frances Park
Title: On the Scent, Author: Paola Totaro
Title: To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence, Author: Lisa Kohn
Title: Tightrope: Balancing a Life Between Mario Cuomo and My Brother, Author: Steve Villano
Title: Mi'ja, Author: Magdalena Gómez
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Title: Sins and Ceos, Author: Richard A. Moran
Title: Furry Foot Notes, Author: Leah Wells

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