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Title: The Shooting / Ride In Whirlwind
Title: Two-Lane Blacktop
Title: The Shooting / Ride In Whirlwind
Title: Beyond The Door
Title: My Best Friend Is a Vampire/Repossessed/Slaughter High/Silent Night, Deadly Night 3
Title: Creature from the Haunted Sea
Title: The Greatest
Title: Back Door to Hell
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Title: Silent Night, Deadly Night: Better Watch Out/Initiation/the Toymaker
Title: China 9, Liberty 37
Title: Horror Classics, Vol. 7
Title: Cynara
Title: Promises in the Dark
Title: Beast from Haunted Cave
Title: Drive-in Monsters
Title: Iguana
Title: Trapped Ashes
Title: Cockfighter
Title: Elvira's Movie Macabre: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians/Beast from Haunted Cave
Title: Horror Classics, Vol. 13

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