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Title: April Evil, Author: Carter Swart
Title: Death in Covent Garden, Author: Gay Toltl Kinman
Title: Pearls Before Swine, Author: Jo A. Hiestand
Title: Big Numbers, Author: Jack Getze
Title: Boca Moon, Author: Frank Foster
Title: Leaven of Malice, Author: C.R. R. Compton
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Title: Twilight of Fury, Author: Joe Matlock
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Title: Death Of A Bawdy Belle, Author: M. E. Kemp
Title: Four Day Shoot, Author: Bill Mesce Jr
Title: Insufficient Evidence, Author: Carter Swart
Title: Murder in Eden, Author: Helen Goodman
Title: Louise Paris and Other Waltzes, Author: Jason Tinney
Title: Red Hot, Author: Audrey Friend
Title: Dead Man's Hand (Connor Westphal Series #7), Author: Penny Warner
Title: Tarpits, Author: Ben Cherot
Title: THE POWER, Author: Dan Smith
Title: Beneath The Surface, Author: Anne White
Title: Chicago Stretch, Author: Charles Shafer
Title: Boca News, Author: Frank Foster
Title: Dark Roads II, Author: Carter Swart

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