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Title: The Chancellorsville Campaign: The Nation's High Water Mark, Author: James K. Bryant II
Title: The Ceely Rose Murders at Malabar Farm, Author: Mark Sebastian Jordan
Title: Discovering Staten Island: A 350th Anniversary Commemorative History, Author: Staten Island 350th Aniversary Committee
Title: A History of Little Havana, Author: Guillermo J Grenier
Title: Alabama Football Tales: More than a Century of Crimson Tide Glory, Author: Lewis Bowling
Title: The Jersey Shore Thrill Killer: Richard Biegenwald, Author: John E. O'Rourke
Title: Shop Pomeroy's First, Author: Michael J. Lisicky
Title: Lost Ski Areas of the Northern Adirondacks, Author: Jeremy K. Davis
Title: Bald Knobbers: Chronicles of Vigilante Justice, Author: Vincent S. Anderson
Title: Civil War Delaware: The First State Divided, Author: Michael Morgan
Title: Los Angeles's Bunker Hill: Pulp Fiction's Mean Streets and Film Noir's Ground Zero, Author: Jim Dawson
Title: The Wampanoag Tribe of Martha's Vineyard: Colonization to Recognition, Author: Thomas Dresser
Title: Hidden History of Dayton, Ohio, Author: Tony Kroeger
Title: Great Danbury State Fair, Author: Andrea Zimmermann
Title: Civil War Pittsburgh: Forge of the Union, Author: Len Barcousky
Title: Chicago Calamities: Disaster in the Windy City, Author: Gayle Soucek
Title: See Alabama First: The Story of Alabama Tourism, Author: Tim Hollis
Title: San Diego Italian Food: A Culinary History of Little Italy and Beyond, Author: Maria Desiderata Montana
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Title: Women of Martha's Vineyard, Author: Thomas Dresser
Title: Homesteading Haxtun and the High Plains: Northeastern Colorado History, Author: Jean Gray

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