Title: Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs, Author: Ric M Procyshyn Ed
Title: Personality Disorders: A Clarification-Oriented Psychotherapy Treatment Model, Author: Rainer Sachse
Title: Nicotine and Tobacco Dependence, Author: Alan L. Peterson
Title: Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths / Edition 2, Author: Ryan M. Niemiec
Title: Advances in Hexaco Personality Research, Author: Reinout E de Vries Ed
Title: The Essen Climate Evaluation Schema - EssenCES: A Manual and More, Author: Norbert Schalast
Title: Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Author: Joseph H. Beitchman
Title: Alcohol Use Disorders / Edition 1, Author: Stephen A. Maisto
Title: Open Science in Psychology: Progress and Yet Unsolved Problems, Author: Renkewitz Frank Ed
Title: Practicising Positive Psychiatry, Author: Fredrike P Bonnink
Title: Advancing Suicide Research, Author: Koelves Kairi Ed
Title: Cultural and Ethnic Diversity: The Challenges for European Psychologists and How to Meet Them, Author: Alexander Thomas
Title: Chronic Pain, Author: Beverly J. Field
Title: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Adults, Author: Jonathan S. Abramowitz
Title: Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings: A Scientist - Practitioner's Guide, Author: Cole Ester Ed
Title: Aviation Psychology: Applied Methods and Techniques, Author: Ioana V. Koglbauer
Title: Psychoanalysis and Projective Methods in Personality Assessment: The French School, Author: Benoît Verdon
Title: Reducing the Toll of Suicide, Author: de Leo Diego Ed
Title: Sexual Violence, Author: Bill Holcomb
Title: Behavior-Based Assessment in Psychology: Going Beyond Self-Report in the Personality, Affective, Motivation, and Social Domains, Author: Tuulia M Ortner

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