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Title: Phantom and the Fugitive, Author: Gail MacMillan
Title: Full Contact Decorating, Author: Robin Weaver
Title: The Christmas Tree Wars, Author: Robin Weaver
Title: Herald Angels, Author: Renee Canter Johnson
Title: How My Heart Finds Christmas, Author: Gail MacMillan
Title: The Gingerbread Skirmish, Author: Robin Weaver
Title: That Voodoo That You Do, Author: Ann Yost
Title: Snow Job, Author: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Title: Any Witch Way, Author: Dylan Newton
Title: Dixie's Gift, Author: Barbara Edwards
Title: May Day Magic, Author: Beverly Breton
Title: Sleeping With Santa, Author: Debra Druzy
Title: About A Baby, Author: Ann Yost
Title: A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights, Author: Peggy Jaeger
Title: Christmas at the Rekindle Inn, Author: Lori Waters
Title: No Accounting for Love, Author: L. M. Gonzalez
Title: Passion in Punxy, Author: Roni Adams
Title: The Twelfth Day, Author: Alicia Dean
Title: A Magical Highland Solstice, Author: Mary Morgan
Title: Nothing Short of a Miracle, Author: Carol Henry

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