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Title: America Ferrera: Latina Superstar, Author: Sheila Anderson
Title: Shaun White: Snow and Skateboard Champion, Author: Marty Gitlin
Title: Michael Phelps: Swimming for Olympic Gold, Author: David P. Torsiello
Title: Daniel Radcliffe: Film and Stage Star, Author: Stephanie Watson
Title: Justin Timberlake: Breakout Music Superstar, Author: Tony Napoli
Title: Johnny Depp: Movie Megastar, Author: Jill Menkes Kushner
Title: Miley Cyrus: Music and TV Superstar, Author: Sheila Anderson
Title: Rihanna: Music Megastar, Author: Michael A. Schuman Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Kanye West: Hip-Hop Star, Author: Gretchen Weicker
Title: Hilary Duff: Life in the Spotlight, Author: Margie Markarian