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Title: Sir! No Sir!
Title: Stranger's Hand, Artist: Howard Levy
Title: Tango and Jazz, Artist: Howard Levy
Title: Tonight and Tomorrow, Artist: Howard Levy
Title: The Old Country, Artist: Howard Levy
Title: New Directions for Harmonica: Expanding Your Technique, Author: Howard Levy
Title: Radical Aesthetics and Music Criticism in America, 1930-1950, Author: Alan Howard Levy
Title: Spooky Action at a Distance, Author: Howard Levy
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Title: Elite Education and the Private School: Excellence and Arrogance at Phillips Exeter Academy, Author: Alan Howard Levy
Title: Tackling Jim Crow: Racial Segregation in Professional Football, Author: Alan Howard Levy
Title: A Day This Lit, Author: Howard Levy
Title: Government and the Arts: Debates over Federal Support of the Arts in America from George Washington to Jesse Helms, Author: Alan Howard Levy
Title: Torts, Crunchtime Series, Author: Steven L. Emanuel
Title: Going to Jail: The Political Prisoner, Author: Howard Levy