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Title: Special Libraries Worldwide: A Collection of Papers Prepared for the Section of Special Libraries, Author: Gunther Reichardt
Title: National and international library planning: Key papers presented at the 40th session of the IFLA General Council, Washington, DC, 1974, Author: Robert Vosper
Title: Library service for the blind and physically handicapped: An international approach, Author: Frank Kurt Cylke
Title: Public Library Policy: Proceedings of the IFLA/Unesco Pre-Session Seminar, Lund, Sweden, August 20-24, 1979, Author: Kenneth C. Harrison
Title: Copyright and library materials for the handicapped: A study prepared for the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Author: Francoise Hebert
Title: Library interior layout and design: Proceedings of the seminar, held in Frederiksdal, Denmark, June 16-20, 1980, Author: Rolf Fuhlrott
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Title: Universal Availability of Publications (UAP): A Programme to Improve the National and International Provision and Supply of Publications, Author: Maurice Bernard Line
Title: Planning the Administrative Library, Author: David Overton
Title: International Study of Copyright of Bibliographic Records in Machine-Readable Form: A Report Prepared for the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, Author: Dennis D. MacDonald
Title: Library Work for Children and Young Adults in the Developing Countries / Les enfants, les jeunes et les bibliotheques dans les pays en developpement: Proceedings of the IFLA/UNESCO Pre-Session Seminar in Leipzig, GDR, 10-15 August, 1981 / Actes du Seminai, Author: Genevieve Patte
Title: A Guide to Developing Braille and Talking Book Services, Author: Leslie L. Clark
Title: World Directory of Map Collections, Author: John A. Wolter
Title: University Libraries in Developing Countries: Structure and Function in Regard to Information Transfer for Science and Technology. Proceedings of the IFLA/Unesco Pre-Session Seminar for Librarians from Developing Countries, Munchen, August 16-19, 1983, Author: Anthony J. Loveday
Title: International Bibliography of Art Librarianship: An Annotated Compilation, Author: Paula A. Baxter
Title: A l'ecoute de l'oeil: Les collections iconographiques et les bibliotheques. Actes du colloque organise par la Section des Bibliotheques d'Art de l'IFLA Geneve, 13-15 mars 1985, Author: Huguette Rouit
Title: Managing the Preservation of Serial Literature: An International Symposium. Conference held at the Library of Congress Washington, D.C., May 22 - 24, 1989, Author: Merrily A. Smith
Title: La presse de la liberte: Journee d'etudes organisee par le Groupe de Travail IFLA sur les Journaux, Paris, le 24 aout 1989, Author: Eve Johansson
Title: Nonchemical Treatment Processes for Disinfestation of Insects and Fungi in Library Collections, Author: Johanna G. Wellheiser
Title: Documentation of Nordic Art / Documentation de l'art des pays nordiques / Documentation l'Art des Pays Nordiques Design, Bibliographies, Bases de donnees: Design, Bibliographies, Databases / Design, bibliographies, bases de donnees. Proceedings from the A / Edition 1, Author: Charlotte Hanner
Title: Continuing Professional Education and IFLA: Past, Present, and a Vision for the Future ; Papers from the IFLA CPERT Second World Conference on Continuing Professional Education for the Library and Information Science Professions. A Publication of the Cont, Author: Blanche Woolls

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