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Title: A holnapod, Author: Ian Pearson Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Space Anchor: A Carbon Girl and Carbon Man Novel, Author: Dr Ian Pearson
Title: The Atlas of the Future, Author: Ian Pearson
Title: Heritage of Canadian Military Music, Author: Jack Kopstein
Title: Atlas of the Future: Discover What Lies in Store for Our World in the 21st Century and Beyond, Author: Ian Pearson
Title: You Tomorrow: The future of humanity, gender, everyday life, careers, belongings and surroundings, Author: Dr Ian Pearson
Title: Word Carving: The Craft of Literary Journalism, Author: Ian Pearson
Title: Business 2010: Mapping the New Commercial Landscape, Author: Ian Pearson
Title: English in Biological Science, Author: Ian Pearson
Title: Where's It Going?: Prospects for Tomorrow, Author: Chris Winter
Title: Business 2010: Trends and Technologies to Shape Our World, Author: Ian Pearson