Title: Turing and the Universal Machine: The Making of the Modern Computer, Author: Jon Agar
Title: Knowledge Is Power: How Magic, the Government and an Apocalyptic Vision Helped Francis Bacon to Create Modern Science, Author: John Henry
Title: Frank Whittle and the Invention of the Jet, Author: Andrew Nahum
Title: Science and Islam: A History, Author: Ehsan Masood
Title: Michael Faraday and the Electrical Century, Author: Iwan Rhys Morus
Title: Eureka!: The Birth of Science, Author: Andrew Gregory
Title: Moving Heaven and Earth: Copernicus and the Solar System, Author: John Henry
Title: Atom (Icon Science), Author: Piers Bizony
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Title: The Comet Sweeper: Caroline Herschel's Astronomical Ambition, Author: Claire Brock
Title: Atom, Author: Piers Bizony