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Title: Life After, Author: Genalea Barker
Title: Blue Shadows Fall, Author: Lenore Stutznegger
Title: The Redwood Palace, Author: M.K. Hutchins
Title: The Worry Knot, Author: Mary Bleckwehl
Title: Class Clown, Author: Allan Evans
Title: Bake Believe, Author: Cori Cooper
Title: The Coral Palace, Author: M. K. Hutchins
Title: Constantine Capers: The Pennington Perplexity, Author: Natalie Brianne
Title: Deja Ortega: Oddsbreaker, Author: Sarah Bylund
Title: And the Sky Full of Stars, Author: Sabine Berlin
Title: Ana's Asteroid, Author: M. K. Hutchins
Title: Stiltskin, Author: Andrew Buckley
Title: Strange Gods, Author: Alison Kimble
Title: Apparent Power, Author: Dacia M Arnold
Title: Killer Blonde, Author: Allan Evans
Title: The Very Real World of Emily Adams, Author: Samantha J. Rose
Title: Becoming Human, Author: Amy Michelle Carpenter
Title: Unfit, Author: Karma Chesnut
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Title: Blood Creek Beast, Author: Jay Barnson
Title: Blood Creek Phantom, Author: Jay Barnson

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