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Title: Horses in the Sand, Author: Lorrie Potvin
Title: The Talking Drum, Author: Lisa Braxton
Title: First Voices: An Aboriginal Women's Reader, Author: Patricia A. Monture
Title: Cora's Kitchen, Author: Kimberly Garrett Brown
Title: Into the Mystic: My Years with Olga, Author: Susan McCaslin
Title: My Best Friend Was Angela Bennett, Author: Suzanne Hillier
Title: Beauty Beneath the Banyan, Author: Crystal Fletcher
Title: Lawrencia's Last Parang: A Memoir of Loss and Belonging as a Black Woman in Canada, Author: Anita Jack-Davies Pre-Order Now
Title: Leave-Taking, Author: Marilyn Potter
Title: Everything You Dream Is Real, Author: Lisa de Nikolits
Title: Hypatia's Wake, Author: Susan Andrews Grace
Title: The Women of Saturn, Author: Connie Guzzo-McParland
Title: Silent Girl, Author: Tricia Dower
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Title: Women in a Globalizing World: Equality, Development, Peace and Diversity, Author: Editor
Title: God is a Laughing Bedouin, Author: Cullene Bryant
Title: Sheilagh's Brush, Author: Maura Hanrahan
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Title: A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change, Author: Sharon G. Mijares
Title: The White Ribbon Man, Author: Mary Lou Dickinson
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Title: Ile D'Or, Author: Mary Lou Dickinson
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Title: The Tempest, Author: Ilona Martonfi

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