Title: Amah and the Silk-winged Pigeons, Author: Jocelyn Cullity
Title: My Best Friend Was Angela Bennett, Author: Suzanne Hillier
Title: In the Belly of the Horse, Author: Eliana Tobias
Title: Doctored: A True Story, Author: Sky Curtis
Title: The Size of a Bird, Author: Clementine Morrigan
Title: Blue Bear Woman, Author: Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau
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Title: The Talking Drum, Author: Lisa Braxton
Title: The Girl Who Was Born That Way, Author: Gail Benick
Title: The Women of Saturn, Author: Connie Guzzo-McParland
Title: Stealing Nasreen, Author: Farzana Doctor
Title: Naturally Woman: The Search for Self in Black Canadian Women's Literature, Author: Sharon Beckford
Title: Butterfly Tears, Author: Zoe S Roy
Title: Dancing on a Pin, Author: Katerina Vaughan Fretwell
Title: A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change, Author: Sharon G. Mijares
Title: Corridor Talk : Canadian Feminist Scholars Share Stories of Research Partnerships, Author: Rachel Berman
Title: Dawning of a New Garden, Author: Tara Nanayakkara
Title: Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You, Author: Donna Decker
Title: The Dead Man, Author: Nora Gold
Title: Terra Incognita, Author: Adebe DeRango-Adem
Title: The Discovery of Flight, Author: Susan Glickman
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