Title: Making Your Own Luck: From a Skid Row Bar to Rebuilding Indiana University Athletics, Author: Fred Glass
Title: Crow Killer, New Edition: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson, Author: Raymond W. Thorp Jr.
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Title: Shatterzone of Empires: Coexistence and Violence in the German, Habsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Borderlands, Author: Omer Bartov
Title: General John A. Rawlins: No Ordinary Man, Author: Allen J. Ottens
Title: Amtrak, America's Railroad: Transportation's Orphan and Its Struggle for Survival, Author: Geoffrey H. Doughty
Title: Metamorphoses: The New, Annotated Edition, Author: Ovid
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Title: Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, Author: Jan Grabowski
Title: Oceans of Kansas, Second Edition: A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea, Author: Michael J. Everhart
Title: The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told, 50th Anniversary Edition: The Milan Miracle, Author: Greg L. Guffey
Title: It Is Impossible to Remain Silent: Reflections on Fate and Memory in Buchenwald, Author: Jorge Semprún
Title: American Steam Locomotives: Design and Development, 1880-1960, Author: William L. Withuhn
Title: A Mighty Fine Road: A History of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Company, Author: H. Roger Grant
Title: Scratch One Flattop: The First Carrier Air Campaign and the Battle of the Coral Sea, Author: Robert C. Stern
Title: Steel Giants: Historic Images from the Calumet Regional Archives, Author: Stephen G. McShane
Title: Introduction to Documentary, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Bill Nichols
Title: Transportation and the American People, Author: H. Roger Grant
Title: After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals, Author: Donald R. Prothero
Title: Girl: My Childhood and the Second World War, Author: Alona Frankel
Title: The Great Fossil Enigma: The Search for the Conodont Animal, Author: Simon J. Knell
Title: The Complete Guide to Indiana State Parks, Author: Nathan D. Strange

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