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Title: Walking a Tightrope: Aboriginal People and Their Representations, Author: Ute Lischke
Title: From the Iron House: Imprisonment in First Nations Writing, Author: Deena Rymhs
Title: The Nature of Empires and the Empires of Nature: Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes Environment, Author: Karl S. Hele
Title: The Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study, Author: John L. Steckley
Title: Indigenous Poetics in Canada, Author: Neal McLeod
Title: Lines Drawn upon the Water: First Nations and the Great Lakes Borders and Borderlands, Author: Karl S. Hele
Title: Agitating Images: Photography against History in Indigenous Siberia, Author: Craig Campbell
Title: Lessons from a Quechua Strongwoman: Ideophony, Dialogue and Perspective, Author: Janis B. Nuckolls
Title: Transcontinental Dialogues: Activist Alliances with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Mexico, and Australia, Author: R. Aida Hernandez Castillo
Title: Written as I Remember It: Teachings (??ms ta?aw) from the life of a Sliammon Elder, Author: Elsie Paul
Title: Roots of Our Renewal: Ethnobotany and Cherokee Environmental Governance, Author: Clint Carroll
Title: Walking to Magdalena: Personhood and Place in Tohono O'odham Songs, Sticks, and Stories, Author: Seth Schermerhorn
Title: Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island, Author: Sophie McCall
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Title: Native Studies Keywords, Author: Stephanie Nohelani Teves
Title: Troubling Tricksters: Revisioning Critical Conversations, Author: Deanna Reder
Title: Ritual and Remembrance in the Ecuadorian Andes, Author: Rachel Corr
Title: Staking Claim: Settler Colonialism and Racialization in Hawai'i, Author: Judy Rohrer
Title: Divided Peoples: Policy, Activism, and Indigenous Identities on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Author: Christina Leza Pre-Order Now
Title: Dine Perspectives: Revitalizing and Reclaiming Navajo Thought, Author: Lloyd L. Lee
Title: From Enron to Evo: Pipeline Politics, Global Environmentalism, and Indigenous Rights in Bolivia, Author: Derrick Hindery
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