Title: Yunhee Min, Author: Yunhee Min
Title: Heidelberg, Author: Holly Myers
Title: Aeroplane, Author: Kyn Taniya
Title: Tragodia 3: Argument, Author: Vanessa Place
Title: Slap in the Face: Four Russian Futurist Manifestos, Author: Boris Dralyuk
Title: For God, Author: Todd Collins
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Title: Silkscreen is Easy, Author: The Little Friends of Printmaking
Title: Pattern Book, Author: Christopher Russell
Title: Abecedary, Author: Pablo Jofré
Title: She., Author: Mathew Timmons
Title: A Cylindrical Object on Fire in the Dark, Author: Holly Myers
Title: Credit, Author: Mathew Timmons
Title: Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry, Author: Felix Bernstein
Title: Independence Day, Author: Greg Curtis
Title: UNSUB, Author: Divya Victor
Title: Some Plants, Author: Mathew Timmons
Title: Wild Rough Country, Author: Holly Myers
Title: Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook, Author: Swendsrud Astri
Title: Dreamscapes of Los Angeles, Author: Geoff Tuck
Title: Poetry for Corporations, Author: Bruna Mori

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