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Title: Wolverine: Creating Marvel's Legendary Mutant: Four Decades of Astonishing Comics Art, Author: Mike Avila
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Title: Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams, Author: Michael Allred
Title: Mean Girls: Senior Year, Author: Arianna Irwin
Title: The Art of Harley Quinn, Author: Andrew Farago
Title: Masters of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World's Premier Graphic Storytellers, Author: Joel Meadows
Title: Vei, Vol. 2, Author: Sara B. Elfgren
Title: Marvel's The Black Widow: Creating the Avenging Super-Spy: The Complete Comics History, Author: Michael Mallory
Title: Vei, Vol. 1, Author: Sara B. Elfgren
Title: The Baker Street Four, Vol. 3, Author: J.B. Djian
Title: The Baker Street Four, Vol. 2, Author: J.B. Djian
Title: The Baker Street Four, Vol. 1, Author: Olivier Legrand
Title: Siberia 56, Author: Christophe Bec
Title: H. G. Wells: The Time Machine, Author: Dobbs
Title: Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers, Author: John Rhett Thomas
Title: BOWIE: A Michael Allred Coloring Book: The Unauthorized Coloring Book Based on the New York Times-bestselling graphic novel Bowie!, Author: Michael Allred
Title: Court of the Dead: War of Flesh and Bone, Author: Frank Tieri
Title: Harmony, Vol. 1, Author: Mathieu Reynes
Title: Guardian of the Realm: The Extraordinary Adventure from the TikTok Sensation, Author: Kyle Thomas
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Title: The In-Between, Vol. 1, Author: Shane Roeschlein
Title: Strange Highways, Author: Micky Neilson

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