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Title: Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not Have Time for This!, Author: Lauren Graham
Title: The Battle: When Trumpets Ring, Author: Gregory Hetzer
Title: But the Greatest of These Is Love, Author: Debbie Barrow Michael
Title: My Last Step Backward, Author: Tasha Schuh
Title: New Testament Bible Study for Daily Living: The Book of Revelation, Author: Mary Lou Tickell
Title: C, You Can Do It!: Because Life Is Change; Growth Is Optional, Author: Lynn Frances
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Title: When Angels Play Poker, Author: Maura O'Leary
Title: Knitting, Praying, Forgiving: A Pattern of Love and Forgiveness, Author: Cheryl Wunsch Med Rncs
Title: If Only I Knew Where To Find Him!: Biblical Insights For Times When You're Wondering Where God Is, Author: Sam Mason
Title: St. Barnabas: A Novel, Author: John Sager
Title: Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw: How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Healing Love of Animals, Author: Peggy Frezon
Title: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances, Author: B. J. Taylor
Title: Half in / Half Out: Poems by Number 69758, Author: Julio Fernando Velez
Title: Into the Fire: A Season of Navy Football, Fortitude, and Faith, Author: John B. Owen
Title: Choosing to Live Not to Die: A Story of Three Altered Lives, Author: Kerri C. van Lanten
Title: It's All about Charlie, Author: Kathleen A. Duffy
Title: Halo and the Rainbows, Author: Cathy Evans
Title: Living in Elsewhere, Author: Barbara Walsh
Title: Whisper of a Kiss:
Title: Shhh, Quiet, Listen: What Do You Hear When You Listen for God?, Author: Elizabeth Marie Fortune

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