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Title: What's Economics Worth?: Valuing Policy Research, Author: Philip G. Pardey
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Title: Coffee Boom, Government Expenditure, and Relative Prices : The Colombian Experience, Author: Jorge Garcia Garcia
Title: Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management: A Comparative Study of Agrarian Communities in Asia and Africa, Author: Keijiro Otsuka
Title: Rice Market Liberalization and Poverty in Vietnam, Author: Nicholas Minot
Title: Agriculture in the GATT: An Analysis of Alternative Approaches to Reform, Author: Joachim Zietz
Title: La Agenda Inconclusa: Perspectivas para Superar el Hambre, la Pobreza y la Degradación Ambiental, Author: Per Pinstrup-Andersen
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Title: Global Water and Food: Prospects to 2025, Author: Mark W. Rosegrant
Title: Structural Adjustment and Intersectoral Shifts in Tanzania: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis, Author: Peter Wobst
Title: Rural Household Use of Services: A Study of Miryalguda Taluka, India, Author: Sudhir Wanmali
Title: Sectoral Growth in Chile, 1962-82, Author: Juan Eduardo Coeymans
Title: The Triangle of Microfinance: Financial Sustainability, Outreach, and Impact, Author: Manfred Zeller
Title: Fish to 2020: Supply and Demand in Changing Global Markets, Author: Christopher L. Delgado
Title: Aids, Poverty, and Hunger: Challenges and Responses, Author: Stuart Gillespie
Title: Macroeconomic Policy Reforms and Agriculture: Towards Equitable Growth in Zimbabwe, Author: Romeo M. Bautista
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Title: Determinants of Agricultural Policies in the United States and the European Community, Author: Michel Petit
Title: Soil Degradation : A Threat to Developing Country Food Security, Author: S. J. Scherr
Title: Investment and Input Requirements for Accelerating Food Production in Low-Income Countries by 1990, Author: Peter Oram
Title: Linkages between Government Spending, Growth, and Poverty in Rural India, Author: Shenggen Fan
Title: Modeling Water Resources Management at the Basin Level: Methodology and Application to the Maipo River Basin, Author: Ximing Cai
Title: Rice Price Fluctuation and an Approach to Price Stabilization in Bangladesh, Author: Raisuddin Ahmed

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