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Title: Civil Resistance Tactics in the 21st Century, Author: Michael Beer
Title: Evitando Atrocidades Masivas: De la Responsabilidad de Proteger (RP) al Derecho de Ayudar (DA) Campañas de resistencia civil, Author: Peter Ackerman
Title: Nonviolent Resistance and Prevention of Mass Killings During Popular Uprisings, Author: Evan Perkoski
Title: From the Hills to the Streets to the Table: Civil Resistance and Peacebuilding in Nepal, Author: Ches Thurber
Title: The Path of Most Resistance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Nonviolent Campaigns, 2nd Edition, Author: Ivan Marovic
Title: Ouvrer pour la paix: Stratégies intégrées de résistance civile et de construction de la paix, Author: Véronique Dudouet
Title: Preventing Mass Atrocities: From a Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) to a Right to Assist (RtoA) Campaigns of Civil Resistance, Author: Peter Ackerman
Title: How Agent Provocateurs Harm Our Movements, Author: Steve Chase
Title: Working Tirelessly for Peace and Equality: Civil Resistance and Peacebuilding in Liberia, Author: Janel B. Galvanek
Title: The Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM) in Pakistan, Author: Qamar Jafri
Title: Glossary of Civil Resistance: A Resource for Study and Translation of Key Terms, Author: Hardy Merriman
Title: Powering to Peace: Integrated Civil Resistance and Peacebuilding Strategies, Author: Veronique Dudouet
Title: Chronicling Civil Resistance: The Journalists' Guide to Unraveling and Reporting Nonviolent Struggles for Rights, Freedom and Justice, Author: ICNC Press
Title: How Social Trust Shapes Civil Resistance: Lessons from Africa, Author: Jacob Lewis
Title: The Impact of Nonviolent Resistance on the Peaceful Transformation of Civil War, Author: Luke Abbs
Title: Dollars and Dissent: Donor Support for Grassroots Organizing and Nonviolent Movements, Author: Benjamin Naimark-Rowse
Title: Making or Breaking Nonviolent Discipline in Civil Resistance Movements, Author: Jonathan Pinckney
Title: People Power Movements and International Human Rights: Creating a Legal Framework, Author: Elizabeth A Wilson
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Title: O Caminho da Maior Resistência: Um Guia Passo a Passo para o Planejamento de Campanhas Não Violentas: Um Guia Passo a Passo para o Planejamento de Campanhas NãoViolentas, Author: Ivan Marovic
Title: When Civil Resistance Succeeds: Building Democracy After Nonviolent Uprisings, Author: Jonathan Pinckney

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