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Title: Developmental Impact of Rural Infrastructure in Bangladesh, Author: Raisuddin Ahjmed
Title: Linkages Between Land Management, Land Degradation, and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Uganda, Author: Ephraim Nkonya
Title: Explaining Child Malnutrition in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis, Author: Lisa C. Smith
Title: The Role of Agriculture in Development: Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa, Author: Xinshen Diao
Title: Sources of Income Inequality and Poverty in Rural Pakistan, Author: Richard H. Adams
Title: Agricultural Growth and Investment Options for Poverty Reduction in Rwanda, Author: Xinshen Diao
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Title: Macroeconomic Policy Reforms and Agriculture: Towards Equitable Growth in Zimbabwe, Author: Romeo M. Bautista
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Title: Yield Gaps and Potential Agricultural Growth in West and Central Africa, Author: Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Title: Philippine Agricultural and Food Policies: Implications for Poverty and Income Distribution, Author: Caesar B. Cororaton
Title: Land, Trees, and Women: Evolution of Land Tenure Institutions in Western Ghana and Sumatra, Author: Quisumbing Ma Agnes R.
Title: Rural Development Policies and Sustainable Land Use in the Hillside Areas of Honduras: A Quantitative Livelihoods Approach, Author: Jansen Hans G. P.
Title: The Effects of International Remittances on Povert, Author: Richard Adams
Title: Impact of Uganda's National Agricultural Advisory Services Program, Author: Samuel Benin
Title: Institutional Finance for Agricultural Development: An Analytical Survey of Some Critical Issues, Author: Bhupat M. Desai
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Title: Linkages between Government Spending, Growth, and Poverty in Rural India, Author: Shenggen Fan
Title: Progresa and Its Impacts on the Welfare of Rural Households in Mexico, Author: Emmanuel Skoufias
Title: Who Will Be Fed in the 21st Century?: Challenges for Science and Policy, Author: Keith Wiebe
Title: Groundwater Markets in Pakistan: Participation and Productivity, Author: Ruth S. Meinzen-Dick
Title: Rural Finance for Food Security of the Poor: Implications for Research and Policy, Author: Manfred Zeller
Title: Can Food-Based Strategies Help Reduce Vitamin and Iron Deficiencies?: A Review of Recent Evidence, Author: Marie T. Ruel

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