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Title: Computer Crime: Phreaks, Spies and Salami Slicers, Author: Karen Judson
Title: Young People from Bosnia Talk about War, Author: Harvey Fireside
Title: Savvy Surfing on the Internet: Searching and Evaluating Web Sites, Author: Kit Moser
Title: Gender Gap in Schools: Girls Losing Out, Author: Trudy J. Hanmer
Title: Internet: Surfing the Issues, Author: Anita Louise McCormick
Title: Bigotry, Author: Kathlyn Gay
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Title: TV News: Can It Be Trusted?, Author: Ray Spangenburg
Title: Violence in Sports: Victory at What Price?, Author: Jeffrey A. Margolis
Title: AIDS: Deadly Threat, Author: Alvin Silverstein
Title: Violence in Schools: Learning in Fear / Edition 1, Author: Nancy Day
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Title: Organ and Tissue Transplants: Medical Miracles and Challenges, Author: Marilyn McClellan
Title: Gun Control: The Pros and Cons, Author: Thomas Streissguth
Title: Lotteries: Who Wins, Who Loses?, Author: Ann E. Weiss
Title: Prisons: A System in Trouble, Author: Ann E. Weiss
Title: School Prayer: A History of the Debate (Issues in Focus), Author: Tricia Andryszewski
Title: Homeless: Profiling the Problem, Author: Margaret O. Hyde
Title: Food for a Greener Planet: What You Can Do, Author: Lisa A. Wroble
Title: Divorce: Young People Caught in the Middle, Author: Beth Levine
Title: Drugs, Should They Be Legalized, Author: Marilyn Tower Oliver
Hardcover $18.85 $20.95 Current price is $18.85, Original price is $20.95.
Title: Neo-Nazis: A Growing Threat, Author: Kathlyn Gay

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