Title: Silent Night, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Beneath (Running from the Devil, #1), Author: J.E. Taylor
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Title: Dragon Storm, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Silence, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Winter's Heart, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Notes On Collecting and Preserving Natural History Objects, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Fire Cursed, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Survival Games, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Tangled: A Fractured Fairy Tale, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Spindle, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Star Crossed, Author: J.E. Taylor
11 in Series
Title: Battleground, Author: J. E. Taylor
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Title: Fractured Fairy Tales Books 1-6, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Angel Blood, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Dark Reckoning: A Steve Williams Novel:, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Hardwicke's Science-Gossip: An illustrated medium of interchange and gossip for students and lovers of nature (Volume XIX), Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Glimpses: A Collection of Short Stories:, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Don't Fear the Reaper, Author: William F. Houle
Title: Star Crossed: Othala Witch Collection Sector Eleven, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Highway to Hell, Author: William F. Houle

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