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Title: Stages: Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama, Revised 2nd Edition, Author: Talia Pura
Title: Salt Baby, Author: Falen Johnson
Title: Arts Beat: The Arts in Victoria, Author: Audrey St. Denys Johnson
Title: High Life, Author: Lee MacDougall
Title: Homecoming, Author: Leeann Minogue
Title: St. Anne's Reel, Author: Gil Garratt
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Title: Singing Bone, Author: Katherine Bitney
Title: Like Wolves, Author: Rosa Laborde
Title: Janet Wilson Meets the Queen, Author: Beverley Cooper
Title: Thunderstick, Author: Kenneth Williams
Title: Writing with Our Feet C, Author: Dave Carley
Title: True, Author: Rosa Laborde
Title: Discovering The Bright Warrior: Confessions of a Social Activist, Author: Joan Johannson
Title: Miracle Mother, Author: Deborah Kimmett
Title: Symphony, Author: Ruz
Title: Hudson's Bay Company Catalogue: Autumn and Winter: 1910-1911, Author: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Title: The Edible Woman, Author: Dave Carley
Title: Visible Stars: New and Selected Poems, Author: Bruce Whiteman
Title: Into the Hurricane: Attacking Socialism and the CCF, Author: John Boyko
Title: How It Works, Author: Daniel MacIvor

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