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Title: Miracle in Harlem/Ten Minutes to Live
Title: American Renaissance: A Strategy for the Nineteen Eighties, Author: Jack Kemp
Title: The IRS v. the People: Time for Real Tax Reform, Author: Jack Kemp
Title: An American Renaissance, Author: Jack Kemp
Title: Together We Can Meet the Challenge: Winning the Fight Against Drugs, Author: Jack Kemp
Title: Pro Sports: Should the Government Intervene?, Author: Jack Kemp
Title: U.S. By the Numbers: What's Left, Right & Wrong with America, Author: Raymond J. Keating
Title: The Whole World's Watching: Decarbonizing the Economy and Saving the World, Author: Martyn Turner
Title: How Much Defense Spending Is Enough?, Author: Les Aspin
Title: Trusting the People, Author: Robert Dole
Title: Russia¿s Wrong Direction: What the United States Can and Should Do, Author: Stephen Sestanovich