Title: Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Religions of the World, Author: James A. Beverley
Title: Getting Jesus Right: How Muslims get Jesus and Islam Wrong, Author: Craig A Evans
Title: Counterfeit Code: Answering the Da Vinci Code Heresies, Author: James A Beverley
Title: Religions A to Z: A Guide to the 100 Most Influential Religious Movements, Author: James A. Beverley
Title: Islam: Una introducción a la religión, su cultura y su historia, Author: James A. Beverley
Title: Islam: An Introduction to Religion, Culture, and History, Author: James A. Beverley
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Title: Mormon Crisis: Anatomy of a Failing Religion, Author: James a. Beverley
Title: Understanding Islam: Nelson's Quick Guide to Religions, Author: James A. Beverley