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Title: Sehen Sie ihm nicht in die Augen!, Author: Jonathan Chase
Title: Subconscious Skills Success: 10 Simple Strategies You Should Know, Author: Jonathan Chase
Title: Cakes, Bakes and Business: The Practical Guide To Starting Your Home Baking Enterprise, Author: Britt Whyatt
Title: Clear Your Head: the simple guide to enjoying your life without anxiety getting in the way, Author: Tim Box
Title: Podcasters Mastery: The Definitive Guide To Boosting Your Celebrity With Your Voice, Author: David Ralph
Title: Deeper and Deeper: the secrets of stage hypnosis, Author: Jonathan Chase
Title: How to Make Friends with Yourself and Influence People, Author: Jonathan Chase
Title: Starve The Monster: A Powerful Process To Kill Your Addiction Thinking, Author: Hugh Quigley
Title: Don't Look in His Eyes, Author: Jonathan Chase