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Title: Space: 1889: Science Fiction Role Playing in a More Civilized Time, Author: Frank Chadwick
Title: Cyber Rogues, Author: Steve Bouton
Title: Beastman of Mars, Author: Lester W. Smith
Title: Death Valley Free Prison, Author: Brian Booker
Title: Rotten to the Core, Author: Julia Martin
Title: Sprawlgangs and Megacorps, Author: Terry K. Amthor
Title: Mansions of Madness: Mythos Mysteries in the Abodes of Man, Author: Fred Behrendt
Title: Body Bank, Author: Chad Brinkley
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Title: Deathwatch Pgm, Author: Lester W. Smith
Title: Gravity's Angels, Author: Michael Swanwick
Title: Edge-On, Author: Terry K. Amthor
Title: More Tales from the Ether, Author: Loren K. Wiseman
Title: Earth - Cybertech SourceBook, Author: Lester W. Smith
Title: Cloud Captains of Mars and Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds: Sourcebooks for Space: 1889, Author: Frank Chadwick
Title: Cloud Captains of Mars, Author: Frank A. Chadwick