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Title: Tango with a Puma: Aventuras in Argentina, Author: Jason C. Eckhardt
Title: Pharaohs' Follies: Kits of the CIA Adventures in Egypt, Author: George Arnold
Title: Beijing Ding-a-Ling: Mao of the CIA, Author: George Arnold
Title: The Donkey Boy, Author: Garlyn Webb Wilburn
Title: Texas Hold'Em Proverbs, Author: Lewis A. White
Title: Songs of the Shore, Author: Jason C. Eckhardt
Title: Paisano Pete: Snake-Killer Bird, Author: Marilyn Gilbert Komechak
Title: Mystery at Jacob's Well, Author: Marcia Allen Bennett
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Title: The Complete Dreamlands, Author: Chris Williams
Title: The Legend of the China Poblana, Author: Ann Fears Crawford
Title: The Lovecraft Chronicles, Author: Peter H. Cannon
Title: Blanca Is My Name: Or, How I Saved the Buffalo on the Texas Plains, Author: Preston Lewis
Title: Los Gatos of the CIA: Hunt for Fred-X, Author: George Arnold
Title: Dangerous Games: The Hollow Tree Mysteries, Author: Jacqueline Stem
Title: Kingsport, Author: Jason C. Eckhardt
Title: Legend of Crystal Lake, Author: Sally A. Roberts
Title: Gone to Texas: From Virginia to Adventure, Author: Louise A. Jackson
Title: The Night Ocean, Author: H. P. Lovecraft
Title: Inky and Me: Stories About Growing Up on a Ranch in Texas, Author: Marshall E. Kuykendall
Title: Dangerous Games, Author: Jacqueline Stem

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