Title: The Haunter of the Moor: An Irish Ghost Story, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: The Halden Army, Author: Keyla Damaer
Title: The Parallels, Author: Keyla Damaer
Title: Home Invasion, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: Born of Blood: The Tide of Darkness, Author: Emir Skalonja
Title: The Plague: Rise of the Dead, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
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Title: Tales from the Dead - Second Edition, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: Monsters in the Woods, Author: RJ Smith
Title: The Plague 2: The Long Road, Author: Emir Skalonja
Title: JOImethod Hypnosis: A Healer's Way, Author: John Owens
Title: A Lifetime for Revenge: A Paranormal Romance Mystery, Author: Divas at Work
Title: Loved to Death, Author: TW Brown
Title: Glens of the Dead, Author: Matt Hay
Title: Road Off: The Shadow Mile, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: Little Dead Things, Author: Jo-Anne Russell
Title: The Camera: Bloodthirst, Author: Eric A. Shelman
Title: Feeding the Urge - Remastered, Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Title: Devoured World Volume Three, Author: Ricky Fleet
Title: Dead Hunger IX: The Cleansing, Author: Eric A. Shelman

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