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Title: Youth League Baseball, Author: Skip Bertman
Title: Electricity Restructuring: 2003 Blackout Identifies Crisis and Opportunity for the Electricity Sector, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Regulated Cell Death Part A: Apoptotic Mechanisms, Author: Avi Ashkenazi Excerpt Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: National Ignition Facility, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Electricity Markets: Consumers Could Benefit from Demand Programs, but Challenges Remain, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Nuclear Regulation: NRC Needs More Effective Analysis to Ensure Accumulation of Funds to Decommission Nuclear Power Plants, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Slow Down Daddy, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Cooperative Research: Results of U. S.-Industry Partnership to Develop a New Generation of Vehicles, Author: Jim Wells
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Title: Restructured Electricity Markets: California Market Design Enabled Exercise of Market Power, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Restructured Electricity Markets: Three States' Experiences in Adding Generating Capacity, Author: Jim Wells
Title: Energy Markets: Concerted Actions Needed by Ferc to Confront Challenges That Impede Effective Oversight, Author: Jim Wells