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Title: The Skulls II
Title: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Title: Masters of Terror 6 Pack, Vol. 2
Title: Skulls Trilogy
Title: Track Down
Title: 6 Movie: Affleck & Damon
Title: Miramax Psycho Killer Series
Title: The Skulls & The Skulls II
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Title: Phantoms/Faculty
Title: Halloween 6: Curse of Michael Myers/Halloween: H20
Title: To Hell & Back
Title: Phantoms
Title: Miramax Classics: Halloween Collection
Title: 5-Movie Horror Ultimate Collection
Title: Skulls/the Skulls 2
Title: Halloween Triple Feature
Title: Miramax Hip Thrillers Series
Title: Miramax Psycho Killer Series
Title: Skulls Trilogy