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Title: Along Some American Highways, Author: Andrew Cross
Title: Ightul, Author: Irene Grazzini
Title: Why Trump is Good for America, Author: Joe Kerr
Title: The Unknown City: Contesting Architecture and Social Space, Author: Iain Borden
Title: Why Hillary is Good for America, Author: Joe Kerr
Title: Advertising : Digital Lab: Print & Electrical Design, Author: Joe Kerr
Title: London From Punk to Blair: Revised Second Edition, Author: Joe Kerr
Title: Bill Clinton's Guide to Appropriate Behavior - Completely Unabridged Version, Author: Joe Kerr
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Title: London: from Punk to Blair, Author: Joe Kerr
Title: Autopia: Cars and Culture / Edition 1, Author: Peter Wollen
Title: Architecture and the 'Special Relationship': The American Influence on Post-War British Architecture, Author: Murray Fraser
Title: Humour, Wit And Funneeeeee Ideas - a kind of humour for those with some grey matter (with caricatures drawn by the author's funneeeeee, shaky right hand), Author: Joe Kerr aka Bertrand Wong