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Title: 47 Ronin, Author: John Allyn Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Macroeconomic Adjustments, Author: John Allyn Carlson
Title: The Forty-Seven Ronin Story, Author: John Allyn
Title: A sermon delivered at Plimouth, December 22, 1801, commemorative of the pious ancestry, who first imigrated [!] to that place, 1620, Author: John Allyn
Title: The 47 Ronin Story, Author: John Allyn
Title: Promotion, organization, and development of the lumber industry in the Williamsport, Pa. area [microform] : a thesis, Author: John Allyn Streeter
Title: A Sketch of Matthew Allyn and His Descendants to 1884: Also, Selections of the Prose Publications of John Allyn and His Poetic Writings (Classic Reprint), Author: John Allyn
Title: Kon Ichikawa: A Guide to References and Resources, Author: John Allyn
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Title: A sermon, preached in the audience of His Excellency Caleb Strong, Esq., Governor, the other members of the executive, and the honorable legislature of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the anniversary election, May 29, 1805, Author: John Allyn
Title: Order of Christian Funerals: A Commentary, Author: John Allyn Melloh
Title: A sketch of Matthew Allyn and his descendants to 1884 ; also, Selections of the prose publications of John Allyn and his poetic writings, Author: John Allyn