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Title: The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Dirty Dancing Official Dance Workout
Title: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: X-Men: Days of Future Past, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 1, Author: John Byrne
Title: Star Trek: New Visions: All the Ages Frozen, Author: John Byrne
Title: X-Men Epic Collection: Second Genesis, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Spider-Man: Birth of Venom, Author: Jim Shooter
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Title: Iron Fist Epic Collection: The Fury of Iron Fist, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Hellboy, Volume 1: Seed of Destruction, Author: Mike Mignola
Title: X-Men: Mutant Genesis 2.0, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: On the Road with Janis Joplin, Author: John Byrne Cooke Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Star Trek New Visions: Sam, Author: John Byrne
Title: The All New Atom #1 (2006-) (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Gail Simone
Title: Captain America Epic Collection: Justice Is Served, Author: Mark Gruenwald
Title: Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol. 1, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Alpha Flight by John Byrne Omnibus, Author: John Byrne
Title: Power Man & Iron Fist Epic Collection: Heroes for Hire, Author: Mary Jo Duffy
Title: Action Comics (1938-) #834 (NOOK Comics with Zoom View), Author: Gail Simone
Title: Star Trek New Visions Special: The Hidden Face, Author: John Byrne

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