Title: Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism, Author: John Calvert
Title: Liquid Gold: Energy Privatization in British Columbia, Author: John Calvert
Title: Origins Science in U.S. K-12 Public Schools; Is it Education or Indoctrination?, Author: Mark Biedebach
Title: Through the Eyes of a Believer: Education Today: Difficulties and Solutions, Author: John Calvert
Title: A Collection of Anthems Used in Her Majesty's Chapel Royal, the Temple Church, and the Collegiate Churches and Chapels in England and Ireland, Author: John Calvert
Title: Portraits & Caricatures of Yesterday's Political Men, Author: Robin Calvert
Title: The First and the Last of the Sheffield City Battalion, Author: John Calvert Cornwell
Title: Warrior's Prayer, Author: Oliver John Calvert
Title: Gold Fever
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Title: Kulu: Its Beauties, Antiquities and Silver Mines, Author: John Calvert
Title: Another Sort of Life: A Professor's Life Among the Downwardly Mobile,the New Poor, and the Underclass of the Troubled 1980s, Author: John Calvert
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Title: The Arabian Peninsula in Age of Oil, Author: John Calvert
Title: Under The Shadow, Author: Oliver John Calvert
Title: If You Don't Mind My Saying So: Some Impertinent Thoughts on Education and Politics in the Age of Political Correctness, Author: John Calvert