Title: Memoirs of the Life of the Reverend George Whitefield, Author: John Gillies
Title: Memoirs of Life of the George Whitfield: In which Every Circumstance Worthy of Notice, both in His Private and Public Character is Recorded, Author: John Gillies
Title: Shakespeare and the Geography of Difference / Edition 1, Author: John Gillies
Title: Antiochus: A Novel, Author: Walter Price
Title: El museo del recuerdo, Author: John Gillies
Title: History of the Feuds and Conflicts among the Clans, Author: John Gillies
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Title: The History of Ancient Greece, Its Colonies, and Conquests: From the earliest accounts till the division of the Macedonian Empire in the east: including the history of literature, philosophy, and the fine arts. Vol. 2, Author: John Gillies
Title: Incurably Unromantic, Author: John Gillies
Title: Memoirs of the Reverend George Whitefield, Author: George Whitefield
Title: Aristotle's Ethics and Politics: Comprising his practical philosophy. Vol. 1, Author: John Gillies