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Title: Persuading Congress: A Practical Guide to Parlaying an Understanding of Congressional Folkways and Dynamics Into Successful Advocacy on Cap, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Have They Decided to Kill Us Yet: Global Black Labor Obsolescence and Manufactured Black Genocide, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: A Better Congress: Change the Rules, Change the Results: A Modest Proposal - Citizen's Guide to Legislative Reform, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Why Black Men Don’t Teach: Understanding the Existing African-American Male Teacher Shortage, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: On Becoming a God: Philosophies, Observations, Opinions, Prose, and Poetry on Black Life As Seen From the Eye of the Storm, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: How Europe and America Are Still Underdeveloping Africa: Neocolonialism and the Scramble for Strategic Resources in 21st Century Africa, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Trapped in Rainbows: The Psychohistorical Impact of Trauma and Targeted Inferiorization on the Epidemic Rise in Contemporary African-American Homosexuality as Ego Defense, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Conspiracy in the City: Endemics, Democide, and Expedited Gentrification, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Miscellaneous Writings; Addresses, Lectures, and Reviews by Joseph G Hoyt, Ll D, Author: Joseph Gibson Hoyt
Title: Black Spartacus: Huey P. Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide Revisited (A Psychohistorical Analysis of Successful Revolutionary Violence throughout Black History), Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: The Monsters We Make: Unconscious Racism and Stereotype-based Teacher Expectations in the 21st Century Urban Classroom, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: abc coloring book: My Best Toddler Coloring Book Fun with Letters, Shapes, Colors, Animals: Big Activity Workbook for Toddlers & Kids, Author: joseph gibson
Title: We Ain’t Got No Daddy: Epidemic Father Hunger in the African-American Community, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: A Better Congress: Change the Rules, Change the Results: Citizen's Guide to Legislative Reform: A Modest Proposal, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: No Love Intended: A Psychohistorical Understanding of Epidemic African-American Sexual Promiscuity, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: Inferiority by Design: Black Inferiorization and the Evolution of Normalized Racism (White Supremacy) in America, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: The Mis-education of the Bantu: The Psychohistorical Evolution and Perpetuation of White Supremacy in South Africa, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: How to Talk to Human Beings: Communicating Critically and Constructively with Difficult Urban Students, Author: Joseph Gibson
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Title: The Kicking Colt: A Step with and a Step Away from Plato, Author: Joseph Gibson
Title: A Lesson Before Leaving: The Psychohistorical Impact of Enslavement, White Supremacy, and Learned Helplessness on Black Fatherhood in America, Author: Joseph Gibson

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