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Title: Chronicles of Kane, Author: Timothy Aberle
Title: The Adventures of Francie Fitzgerald, Author: Victoria Kamar Olivett
Title: Principal Bagwell, Say It Ain't So!, Author: Joseph Rodney
Title: Beautiful Lightning, Author: Bogdan Octavian Sopterean
Title: Unseen Arms Reaching Out, Author: Amy Brooks
Title: The Art of Food and Feminism, Author: Gretchen Ehrhart
Title: 3 Marbles, Author: Jan R. McDonald
Title: The Fortunate Son: Top, Through the Eyes of Others, Author: Timothy Trainer
Title: Letting Go, Author: Patricia Ploss
Title: Owl Media Guide's Nevada Media Directory 25th Anniversary Edition, Author: John Paul Owles
Title: Long Winded: An Oboist's Incredible Journey to the New York Philharmonic, Author: Joseph L. Robinson
Title: Princess Isabella and The Mystery of the Disappearing Golf Balls, Author: K. B. Lebsock
Title: A Glimpse of My Love, Author: Alexis Salmeron
Title: Dillard Ross: The Ukrainian Files, Author: Jan R. McDonald
Title: The Torture Trial of George W. Bush, Author: Joseph Suste
Title: Junkbox Diaries: a day in the life of a heroin addict, Author: Herbert Stepherson
Title: Esau: The Bible's Mightiest Villain: A Historical Novel, Author: Alexander Newman
Title: Through Me to You: A Life Through Poetry, Stories and Songs, Author: Eve Wick
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Title: Who Saves A Soul?, Author: Sara Smith
Title: Emery's Promise, Author: Patricia Ploss
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