Title: The Drowning Kind, Author: Jennifer McMahon
Title: Family Trust, Author: Kathy Wang
Title: Soul of the Sword, Author: Julie Kagawa
Title: Janesville: An American Story, Author: Amy Goldstein
Title: Head Over Heels: A Novel, Author: Hannah Orenstein
Title: The Accidental Beauty Queen, Author: Teri Wilson
Title: Five Things About Ava Andrews, Author: Margaret Dilloway
Title: The Jasmine Project, Author: Meredith Ireland Pre-Order Now
Title: Made in Korea, Author: Sarah Suk
Title: Red Moon, Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Title: With You All the Way, Author: Cynthia Hand
Title: Wings of Shadow, Author: Nicki Pau Preto
Title: Molly Bit: A Novel, Author: Dan Bevacqua
Title: Feast Your Eyes, Author: Myla Goldberg