Title: Killing Over Colors, Author: Karen Malmin
Title: Hardluck Hannigan: The Hand of Evil, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Silver Lining, Author: E. J. Shortall
Title: Decker P.I. Running the Voodoo Down, Author: Bill Craig
Title: The Dawn of a New Age of Reason: Breaking Religion's Chains in the Twenty-first Century, Author: Charles E. Hurlburt
Title: Indigo Infinity: The Indigo Trilogy: Book Three, Author: Jacinda Buchmann
Title: Decker P.I. Lives in the Balance, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Redemption on the Gulf, Author: James Ruby
Title: Decker P.I. Arizona Deadline, Author: Bill Craig
Title: Indigo Incite: The Indigo Trilogy: Book One, Author: Jacinda Buchmann
Title: Indigo Instinct: The Indigo Trilogy: Book Two, Author: Jacinda Buchmann
Title: REBEL in a Wheelchair, Author: Melanie Votaw