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Title: Sixteen Satires, Author: Juvenal
Title: Juvenal and Persius (Loeb Classical Library) / Edition 1, Author: Susanna Morton Braund
Title: The Formula for Accelerated Change (Visionary People Together in Action over Time make Change): How to Become a Visionary Leader, achieve Success and Sustainable Development, Author: Mr Juvenal Turatsinze
Title: Juvenal: The Satires / Edition 1, Author: Juvenal
Title: The Satires, Author: Juvenal
Title: Terciopelo violento, Author: Juvenal Acosta
Title: Tenebroso. El ultimo inmortal, Author: Juvenal Acosta
Title: The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Author: Juvenal
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Title: D. Ivnii Ivvenalis ... Satirae XVI ad optimorvm exemplarivm fidem, Author: Juvenal
Title: Opera omnia, Author: Juvenal
Title: D. Junii Juvenalis aquinatis Satiræ XVI. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensitæ, Author: Persius Juvenal
Title: Ad satiram sextam in codice bodl. canon. XLI. additi versus XXXVI ..., Author: Juvenal
Title: Saturae, Author: Juvenal
Title: D. Junii Juvenalis, et A. Persii Flacci Satirae, Author: Juvenal
Title: Thirteen Satires of Juvenal, Author: Alexander Leeper Juvenal
Title: Dec. Iunii Iuvenalis et A. Persii Satirae, Author: Juvenal
Title: Juvénal: e?tude sur Juve?nal avec une traduction comple?te en vers franc?ais et des notes, Author: Juvenal
Title: Juvenal for Schools, Author: John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor Juvenal
Title: Les trois satiriques latins traduits en vers français, Author: Persius Juvenal
Title: A. Persii Flacci et Dec. Jun. Juvenalis satirae: Ad optimas editiones ..., Author: Juvenal Persius

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