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Title: Sacred Promise: An Anthology, Author: Dr. Tererai Trent
Title: Quantum Thinking, Author: Adrea L. Peters
Title: How To Speak Like The World's Top Public Speakers: The Secrets Used By Some Of The Greatest Speakers To Educate, Move and Transform Their Audiences, Author: Ron Malhotra
Title: Irish Dancing Girl, Author: Karen Weaver
Title: The Leopard, the Zebra and the Giraffe, Author: Stephen Lusty
Title: Ten Pathways: A framework for redefining happiness, Author: Fleur Chambers
Title: Skinside Out, Author: Robyn McAlpine
Title: Forbidden Love: A prequel to No Turning Back, Author: Karen p Weaver
Title: Australian Animal Walkabout, Author: Karen Weaver
Title: Love on the Rocks, Author: Louisa Loder
Title: Finding Myself, Author: Joe Pignataro
Title: The Living Wheel, Author: Matthew Halligan
Title: SWAP: Marketing Without Money, Author: Therese Tarlinton
Title: Everything Publishing: The ultimate publishing guide, Author: Karen McDermott
Title: The Visitor: A Magical Understanding of Uncertainty, Author: Karen Weaver
Title: Calm the Raging Storm, Author: Toni Wass
Title: The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men, Author: Jem Fuller
Title: Same People, Different Vision: Developing leaders of today to shape a better tomorrow, Author: TBD
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Title: I love the way you giggle, Author: Jennifer Sharp
Title: Astro Girls: Celestial Bond, Author: Isha Panesar

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