Title: Backyard Campout, Author: Brian Herald
Title: Bandit Finds a Home, Author: J.A. Hall
Title: The Littlest Pepper, Author: David Garrett
Title: Three Pampered Pugs: Pet Day at School, Author: Sandra Kitabjian
Title: The Wildly Whimsical Tales of Gracie & Sniggles: The Mystery of the Blue Goo, Author: Teressa Hill
Title: Our Purpose, Author: Taryn I. Palacios
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Title: TomTom! Where's Your Hat?, Author: Dot Gibbens
Title: Home in the Beech Tree, Author: Mary Wheeler
Title: Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster, Author: Jacquese Groves
Title: I'm a?: A Book of Rhymes, Riddles, and Choices, Author: Nicole Beil
Title: The Story of Grace, Author: Donna Masotti
Title: I Love You to the Stars and Back, Author: Michael F. Mascia MD MPH
Title: Three Pampered Pugs: The Patriotic Pet Contest, Author: Sandra Kitabjian
Title: Living Round In A Square World, Author: Bill Barre
Title: Celebrating Christmas:
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Title: Nina's Journey In Espanol: En La Clase, Author: Nina Grace Reed
Title: If You can Imagine, Author: Lisa Manley
Title: Forest Explorer, Author: Brian Herald
Title: Picture THIS! Imagine THAT!, Author: Brian Herald