Title: Violet Star, Author: J. Oliver Madison
Title: Sugar and Spice: A Karma Cafe Novella, Author: Tawny Weber
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Title: The Severed Earth: Karma, Book I, Author: Chris Presta-Valachovic
Title: Remember to Forget: 2nd Edition: A Cozy Mini-Mystery, Author: Jwyan C. Johnson
Title: Agents of Karma: Debt to Pay, Author: Alex Smith
Title: Brilliant Bobby and The Kids of Karma: Wax Museum, Author: Kevin Rakeen White
Title: Karma il Seviiatore vol. uno, Author: serena Baldoni
Title: Frontiers of Karma: The Counterstroke, Author: Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran
Title: Dark Karma: West Texas Split, Author: Thomas Ellis
Title: The Karma of Being Human: Searching For Enlightenment, Author: Thomas W Harding
Title: Effects of Karma, Author: Indian Spice
Title: Instant Karma 9 Quick Indian and Chinese methods for prediction (Instant Karma Prediction, #1), Author: AuthorPM
Title: Good Karma, Author: Donya Lynne
Title: Kaine and Karma, Author: Sha Jones
1 in Series
Title: Karma Has No Conscience: What Goes Around Comes Around Three Times Harder, Author: G.J. Spearman
Title: Her Heart, His Karma: A Thug's True Love, Author: Vaneecia Vaneecia
Title: Karma 1: The Beginning, Author: Kenni York
Title: Karma Yoga and Mind: Vol.1 from Karma Yoga and Mind Series, Author: Sandeep Khurana
Title: Dog Days of Karma, Author: Jada Ryker
Title: Karma Decay, Author: Jude Fawley

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